Hospital Malpractice and Medical Negligence

The competence and expertise of many health care professionals go into the smooth and effective day-to-day care that takes place in any hospital. When a medical error occurs in a hospital setting, it can be challenging — but important — to determine who was responsible.

Were you injured or did you suffer a worsening of your condition because of the negligence of a doctor, nurse or technician in a hospital? Did mismanaged procedures or unsafe conditions in a hospital cause your slip-and-fall injury, fall out of bed, burn injury, anesthesia error or other type of injury while you were hospitalized or visiting the emergency room? Was your medical mistake the result of failed communications between health care providers? Did a family member die in a hospital — leaving poignant questions of why?

Whatever the circumstances of your injury or medical treatment mishap in a New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania hospital, talk to an attorney at Marrone Law Firm LLC to schedule a consultation. For more than 20 years, Joseph M. Marrone, Jr. has been fighting for the rights of injured people.

Many clients contact us because they want answers above all. Others want to help ensure that other patients coming after them do not suffer a similar fate. At the same time, they typically face expenses and losses that merit compensation. Did you require additional surgeries or expensive follow-up treatments because of someone's mistake in a hospital? Perhaps the real culprit was hospital systems rather than any individual person. In any case, we represent that you contact a lawyer to evaluate your case after a hospital error occurring in a facility such as Bryn Mawr Hospital in Delaware County. Medical malpractice? Law firm staff and attorneys can help you initiate an injury claim against a hospital or other liable party.

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania — Hospital Negligence Lawyers

Were you seriously harmed because of a mistake on the part of an employee or employees of a Philadelphia hospital? Malpractice attorneys at Marrone Law Firm LLC can evaluate your case and offer guidance and direction, with no further obligation. Contact Marrone Law Firm LLC to schedule a consultation.