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Philadelphia, 3rd and Market Streets Fire

A fire broke out this morning, April 9, 2014, just after 9:00am near 3rd and Market Streets in Old City Philadelphia. The building quickly went up in flames, becoming a two alarm situation before it was suppressed over an hour later. With much speculation as to how the fire started, some are speculating an electrical fire arose in a display window of an iconic suit store, the Suit Corner. The Old City area of Philadelphia is known for its historic landmarks and old buildings. The site of the fire was a late 19th Century building which featured original wood flooring and other highly combustible materials.

Knee surgery patient blames defective medical device for injuries

Medical science has come a long way in terms of knee surgeries. Doctors can now replace parts of the knee with metal implants, allowing patients to regain their mobility and avoid long-term pain. However, these procedures are not perfect; in some cases, faulty or defective medical devices can lead to permanent injury.

Pennsylvania man sues manufacturer over table saw injuries

Product liability is the area of the law that determines the responsibilities that manufacturers have towards their customers. In general, a product manufacturer cannot make a product that will endanger the average user. If they do, any injured parties have a right to sue for compensation.

Tesla fights to prevent Model S recall

Many of our readers will undoubtedly be familiar with the concept of an automotive recall. When the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration comes to suspect that an automobile contains a defect that could endanger innocent lives, it steps in and does an investigation. If the defect can be identified and proven, the NHTSA may ask the automotive company to begin a recall to repair or replace the dangerous components.

Family blames Red Bull, files lawsuit after son's death

Many Philadelphia residents drink Red Bull. Some like the energy the drink gives them, while others prefer the energy drink to coffee. However, in the case of a 33-year-old who died after downing the drink, a lawyer for the family said there are extra stimulants in Red Bull that are not present in coffee. The lawyer goes on to claim these stimulates are more dangerous than the makers admit to.

Did DePuy know about its flawed hip implant devices?

In 2010, the DePuy Orthopaedics division of Johnson & Johnson issued a recall on the Articular Surface Replacement hip replacement model. This was after it was learned that the all metal hip replacements were defective, causing patients who had the device implanted to have to go through yet another painful surgery. Many also suffered from serious internal damage due to the all metal hip implant.

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