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Beware of These Accidents This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is only a day away and minds are beginning to drift to the season's inaugural vacations and barbeques.  Summer holiday weekends like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day are often celebrated with loved ones at home or at the shore.  With an increased number of parties, vacations, and vehicles on the road, we see an influx in accidents.  This weekend when you're packing the cooler and piling family and friends in the car, remember the safety of you and your family as well as those around you.

How Driverless Cars Could Change the Legal Landscape

The New York Times' The Upshot ignited an interesting conversation regarding the future of cars last week.  Companies like Google and BMW are in the process of researching and developing driverless cars.  The very idea seems vaguely reminiscent of The Jetsons and is most certainly an intriguing concept.  Though not quite ready to be publicly released for sale, that day is rapidly approaching.

Protect Your Heart: Defective Medical Devices

Your heart should be your most prized possession.

Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body, so it makes sense that it should be taken care of. A properly functioning heart is essential to maintaining a number of body systems and ultimately, sustaining life. Since heart health is such an important aspect of our overall health, heart problems and complications should be taken very seriously. Centuries of research and technological advancements have contributed to our sophisticated knowledge of heart issues and ways to treat those issues.

Summertime Sadness: Deadly Swimming Pool Accidents

With spring underway and summer right around the corner, it is almost swimming pool season! Family and community pools are about to be opened and are preparing to open for summer crowds. This year, when you are getting your pool ready, make a point to add an electrician to your to-do list. An electrician? Yes! We have seen a number of issues recently with faulty wiring and pool lights. Electricity and water are a deadly combination that is bound to cause serious problems for swimmers. Make sure your summer is a memorable one. Keep those memories positive and try to take as many precautions as you can to prevent issues that might result in injury or worse.

Philadelphia, 3rd and Market Streets Fire

A fire broke out this morning, April 9, 2014, just after 9:00am near 3rd and Market Streets in Old City Philadelphia. The building quickly went up in flames, becoming a two alarm situation before it was suppressed over an hour later. With much speculation as to how the fire started, some are speculating an electrical fire arose in a display window of an iconic suit store, the Suit Corner. The Old City area of Philadelphia is known for its historic landmarks and old buildings. The site of the fire was a late 19th Century building which featured original wood flooring and other highly combustible materials.

Knee surgery patient blames defective medical device for injuries

Medical science has come a long way in terms of knee surgeries. Doctors can now replace parts of the knee with metal implants, allowing patients to regain their mobility and avoid long-term pain. However, these procedures are not perfect; in some cases, faulty or defective medical devices can lead to permanent injury.

Pennsylvania man sues manufacturer over table saw injuries

Product liability is the area of the law that determines the responsibilities that manufacturers have towards their customers. In general, a product manufacturer cannot make a product that will endanger the average user. If they do, any injured parties have a right to sue for compensation.

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