• Wrongful Arrest and Detention
  • False Imprisonment
  • Police Brutality and Excessive Force
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Abuse and Exploitation at Prison
  • Discrimination
  • Human Trafficking

The Marrone Firm specializes in civil rights cases. Like defending criminal cases, we view bringing civil rights cases as both a legal and a moral obligation. We are dedicated to keeping the police honest. Under well-established federal law, it is unlawful for police officers to deprive you of your constitutional rights. If you are successful in suit, you are entitled to money damages as a result.

Please call us if you have been:

  • Arrested and your case was dismissed outright while you were in court or at some later time;
  • Arrested (taken into police custody and you were not free to leave) and released with no charges ever being filed against you;
  • Falsely arrested;
  • Stopped by police without cause for a period of time and they never charged you or issued you a ticket of any kind (usually in the “racial profiling” context);
  • Strip searched while in police custody;
  • A victim of police brutality and excessive force during your arrest or at anytime while you were in police custody or in central booking (police beat you up or placed overly tight handcuffs on you);
  • A victim of police brutality (excessive force) and you were not charged with anything;
  • Assaulted by other inmates while in police custody or in a central booking or jail; or
  • Sexually harassed by police or corrections officers.