Is your child suffering from cerebral palsy or other birth injury?

The birth of a child normally brings pride and joy to new parents. When a newborn has obviously been injured in the process of childbirth, it is also a time of great concern for the baby’s well-being.

Severe birth injuries bring many expenses as well as heartaches. Less severe birth injuries are sometimes not apparent until a child starts school and is diagnosed as learning disabled. At this time, parents may wish to ask a knowledgeable birth injury lawyer to review medical records from the time of the birth to determine whether a hypoxic brain injury likely occurred. For more than 20 years, Joseph M. Marrone has been fighting for the rights of injured people. The Marrone Law Firm, LLC can investigate your child’s birthing records.

Whether your child’s birth injury was diagnosed shortly after birth or became apparent much later, you are encouraged to discuss legal remedies with an experienced medical malpractice attorney. Review the facts that you know of with a lawyer who can help determine whether you may have recourse to file a birth injury claim or lawsuit.

Was your child left to cope with the effects of cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy because doctors, nurses or technicians were negligent during prenatal care, labor or delivery? Perhaps you do not know yet the extent of the injuries — and without examination of medical records, you most likely do not know whether there was negligence involved.

Perhaps your child’s birth injury is actually a birth defect that was not properly diagnosed during pregnancy. Some parents, although they of course love their children in spite of disabilities, have obtained financial relief in such cases by filing a wrongful birth claim.

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