Experienced lawyers assisting loved ones with empathy and care.

After the sudden death of a loved one, it is natural to be overwhelmed to the point of disorientation. At the same time that you are grieving the loss of a close family member, you have myriad details to take care of, including tapping into life insurance and bringing a wrongful death claim against responsible parties. An empathetic, tactful and knowledgeable wrongful death lawyer can be a great resource for a family at a time of loss.

Was your mother, father, husband, wife, son or daughter killed in a tragic car accident, workplace accident or in a medical malpractice situation? Contact Marrone Law Firm LLC to learn how our law firm can help your family right away.

For more than 20 years, Joseph M. Marrone, Jr. has been fighting for the rights of family members after fatal accidents. Our years of experience have given our very well-prepared attorneys and legal staff the skills and insight needed to guide your family through the maze of legal and financial issues related to an accidental death.

One of the first things that should happen after an accidental death is the “raising of the estate.” Many wrongful death law firms point clients in the direction of a probate law firm to handle this and related matters. Marrone Law Firm LLC, on the other hand, takes on this duty for clients, free of charge. Whether a wrongful death claim is successful or not, our clients enjoy the benefits of these free services right after the death of a loved one. We take our special roles as wrongful death attorneys very seriously. We realize that families reeling with grief and shock benefit from the guidance that we can provide. Questions weigh heavily on surviving family members after an accidental death: “Why did this happen?” “What needs to happen next?” Our lawyers answer these questions adeptly as we represent our clients after the accidental loss of a close family member.

Did Your Loved One Die After an Accident in Pennsylvania, New York or New Jersey Due to Traumatic Injury? Attorneys of Marrone Law Firm LLC Can Help Your Family Recover. Contact Marrone Law Firm LLC to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Philadelphia wrongful death lawyer.